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  A specialized service team constituted by production managers, technology specialists and sales engineers covers the complete service chain of product design, research and development, manufacturing, logistics and financial, always pursuing the maximum value for customers.
  Early Stage Intervention: By cooperating tightly with customer, participating in the product developing phase, optimizing the material properties and production process, we are able to help you reduce the procurement costs.
  Quick Response: Immediate supply of regular specifications. For special specifications it can be accomplished in 10 days the fastest from the material purchasing, manufacturing to acceptance delivery.
  Project Distribution: For major projects, custom-made materials and delivery service are provided by professional team to ensure the project progress.
  Discrepancy Resolution: We will give confirmation and suggested solution within 48 hours after the quality complains been received.
  Continuous Improvement: We continuously forward the customer's part of the production process to reduce the customer's production costs. Your suggestions and feedbacks will be collected by the customer satisfaction questionnaire and every recorded complain. We will continue to enhance our management, and improve our product quality and service level.
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Product Quality Objection Process

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